What is the Smart LPG Guard

The Smart LPG Guard replaces the existing gauge and allows you to monitor and manage the contents of your tank from your PC. You will have access to various information which means you can answer the following questions

  1. How much LPG have I got?

  2. How long will this LPG last me?

  3. What has the temperature been?

  4. If the temperature changes how will this affect my consumption?

  5. How much LPG have I been using?

  6. How much CO 2 have I produced?

How does the Smart Guard work?

It is all very simple. The existing guard on your LPG tank is replaced with one that is able to send a signal to a transmitter that is fitted on the tank itself. This transmitter communicates information using the mobile telephone network to your PC.

What are the benefits?

Having your consumption information available in a simple format means you can more effectively manage your useage and therefore the money you have to spend.

How can this device save me money?

As mentioned above, an accurate record of consumption gives you the ability to measure whether any energy saving tips can and do reduce your useage.

A major concern of LPG consumers is the price per litre. Historically prices rise in the Winter months, particularly during periods of extreme weather. By using the information available you can talk to your supplier and possibly arrange deliveries outside of this period knowing full well how long your LPG will last.

Smart meters and displays have been trialled in countries ranging from Sweden to the US. These trials have shown that smart meters can reduce household energy bills by 5-10 per cent.

How do I get one?

Contact us and we will advise you.

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