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Why use additives to improve fuel quality?

There are many reasons why you may want to use a fuel additives.

These include:
Lower carbon emissions
Inhibits sludge formation
Reduces deposit build up
Reduces service problems
Improves system efficiency
Improves fuel economy
Prevents waxing of products in cold temperatures

Your fuel supplier will be able to give you all the information you need and help to decide on what would be best for you.

Fuel Management

For those looking for an integral fuel management solution,single pumps to total turnkey packages please see contacts below:


It is suggested that oil and LPG fired boilers are serviced on an annual basis.

Below are links to the two associations of which boiler engineers are registered with.

Fuel boilers
LPG boilers

Boiler Engineers

It is suggested that both Heating Oil and LPG boilers and appliances are serviced on a regular basis. There are several reasons for this but predominantly to ensure that the appliance is safe and that it is burning efficiently.

Your fuel distributor will be able to help you in either servicing it themselves or by recommending an engineer that can help you. Give them a call first to ensure you are getting the service you require.

Replacement Fuel Tanks

Replacing your fuel tank can be a daunting prospect. 

If you are looking to finally exchange your old steel tank because you are concerned about corrosion and the chance of a leak, or you want to relocate it then please speak to your fuel supplier first.

You will find that the majority have had many years experience in this field and therefore are able to offer the correct help and advice.

What else can my Fuel or LPG supplier offer me?

Please check you Fuel or LPG suppliers website for details. Many suppliers can now offer other associated products and services that you could benefit from.

Information about Smartguard

You will have log on details that will enable you access to all your heating oil information through our / the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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